In 2012, an Apostolic mother set out to educate her two children, one teenager and the other a preteen on the changes that are taking place in their lives, the transitions involved and the possible pit falls that present themselves at during the transitional years to young adults.  
She realized that other children in her church around the same age as hers could also benefit from this valuable information.  Upon consultation with the other parents and having obtained their approval and support, the 1st purity retreat was held  over the Thanksgiving weekend of 2012.
Over the years, P2P NYC has grown from a weekend retreat with ten preteens and teenagers to a conference with attendance now   averaging 150 youths and adults from various churches with the number of attendees growing steadily each year.  In 2018 elementary students program was added to respond to the growing demand for our younger youth to be taught at an early age how to lead a life that is free of impurities.
Backed by popular demand, the adult program was added in 2019 following the observation that adults appreciated similar information at their level and also longed to be a part of this vibrant group of youths of which the fibre of this movement is made.